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We believe growing people change. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will need to connect to continue in your growth.

Sometimes we get confused as to what prayer really is. Do I need to get into a closet and use a bunch of religious sounding words? Is prayer something that requires me to get on my knees or go face down on the ground? I’m certainly not a perfect person so do I clean up everything in my life before I pray? If you’ve ever wondered about these things you’re not alone. 

In its most simple form prayer is just talking with God. It’s having a personal conversation with the creator of the universe about your life. You can talk to him like you would a good friend. Certainly, he is more than that but you can approach him on a personal level. In fact, we tend to create strong bonds when we communicate frequently. Prayer does that as well.  Others have experienced it. History is full of men and women who prayed, who talked to God, and found comfort, encouragement, guidance, and a deeper relationship with him. 

Need some help with it? We are here! If you would like to continue the conversation or if you have some specific prayer needs please let us know.